UFC in Mass???

I will be snowboarding @ Jiminy Peak in Massachusetts and staying in Lenox Massachusetts. I really want to watch the UFC, does anyone know of any bars in the area that will be airing it? Don't bars close really early in New England? Any information is really appreciated. Thanks

guess u aint coming bye ttt

Maybe next time Daren


Yes bars close at 2 am in New England. I live in CT and trust me it sucks ass.

the world fighting league is having a live fight card just outsite of boston, and with admission to the fights, you are in free for their UFC after party....basically after the live fights, they are showing the UFC live of huge tv's, and the bar is in fact staying open. It's at club lido in revere.

How far is that from Lenox MA?

You might as well get a hotel in Somerville and stay for the night. good times Somerville is the only place that has the UFC. It's about a 2.5 hour ride.

2.5 hours holly crap!

Call me if you are coming to the show as Rick from Mass MMA has stated and I can get you or anyone a reduced rate for the event at the FOUR POINTS*****Bruce 978-828-2149

Maybe next time Daren ...too bad this time we are having dancing girls and a girl jumping out of a cake

Thanks Bruce do you know what time the event starts, how far away it is from Lenox, and what the tickets cost?


The Winter Brawl show is $35 a person at Club Lido in Revere. Directions: HERE


TTT Congrats on the purple Gregg.

Either go to the MMA show that's having a UFC party afterwards or go to Good Times in Somerville - those are pretty much your two options

I <3 Lenox. Went to highschool there. I wouldn't count on finding a bar with UFC there, haha. Best bet is try and get to the Boston event. That should be a lot of fun, like Rick or Danny suggested. I'm looking forward to it.

Ok thanks guys


Thanks man, who is this?