UFC in Star Magazine.......

I know it's ghey for me to be looking through this mag, but I was in the supermarket, and 2 pages from Janet Jackson's boob was Newton Vs Charuto. Apparently, Britteny Spears ex husband was at the show... wonder if he was on the list of 'celebrities'.....

I don't think anyone knows what the hell star magazine is.... it's the magazine that your momma reads!

Her "ex-husband" did an MMA fight before (if I remember correctly)

A toughman thing in a nightclub.

We're also in the latest issue of US Weekly!

On a side note, Jaysun ducks me constantly on X-Box Live.

and he ducks me in HALO


MayheMMiller on Xbox live, I'll be playing a ton of R63 training for this fight, add me to your 'friends'

as for Useless, your namesake is correct, your gonna be my cherry-frag...



I will kick all yer asses in halo

Lemme just tell everyone about Useless' game ... he runs around looking at the floor in a perfect circle, throwing grenades....

no I run around in perfect circles trying to punch people in the back of the head.

back to the subject

But at least UFC is getting some well deserved press!


Why does it not surprise me that you read Star magazine. Anything interesting in Soap Opera weekley this month?

lol, where's my tape?