UFC-in the crowd-training scenario

You are sitting in your seat ready for the 1st fight to start.  You are there alone.  You paid approx. $350 for the ticket and you aren't a wealthy person.  Just before the fight starts, a big guy, 20-25 years old, approx. 6'0" and weighing 250 lbs. sits next to you.  Your new neighbor has obviously lifted a lot of weights because he's a wide body and the seats in the arena are very close together.  When he sits in the seat next to you, he spreads out his arms and they extend almost halfway into your seat.  You are very uncomfortable with the space that he has given you.  On the other side sits another big guy, so you are cramped and can hardly move.  What do you do?


  1. Find another seat.
  2. Decide that MMA is too brutal of a sport and should be banned.
  3. Hold your ground, flex your shoulders and force your neighbor to stay on his own side.
  4. Accidentally spill a large beer over his head.
  5. Go get a security guard to talk to this guy.
  6. Beat the fool down.


Note:  This is a true story, it happened to me a couple of years ago at a UFC at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  I consider myself an Alpha Male, what do you think I did and how did my neighbor react?


Gary Hughes


hmm, your yellow zone went to high alert like a race car, from 0mph to 120 in 2 secs?

Tyson 86, is that what you would do or what you think I did?

What I would do.

momita...I actually went from Code Yellow to Code Orange.  I was aware of a possible threat and started to formulate a plan if I needed it. 

If I would have been wearing my Mayhem T-Shirt, I would have simply stood up and pointed to it.

Gary Hughes

How come "ask him if he can stay in his own space" isn't an option?

nice response tyson.. as for myself i gotta go with D then I'd run like hell

The best option would have been to start to growl like a viscious dog.  I would recommend starting off quietly and then building in volume until he moved.  BTW, that wasn't what I did.

"has obviously lifted a lot of weights because he's a wide body"

Laugh at him for wasting his time lifting weights instead of training......... and take G.

say "nice shape but welcome to MMA!", kick his cu*t in and take both seats?

i pick c for sam pai, closely followed by d.


Coughing fits work great, mummbling about how doctors dont know anything about infectious diseases also helps...goota love passive agressivness...

cyperslinger....I couldn't possibly list all possible options.  Thanks for your input.

thethreadender...it is a violation of Underground Forum rules to mention anything gay in the same sentence as Sam Pai Kenpo.  I'm sorry to ruin your homosexual fantasies, but Sam Pai Kenpo is happily married and NOT gay.

The correct answer for me was "C".  I insisted on keeping my space and wouldn't let him ruin the fight for me.  When he pushed his arms into my space, I held firm and pushed right back.  He said something about it being hard to fit in the space and I told him he was a big boy and I understood.  The guy turned out to be pretty cool and actually found another seat a couple of rows in front of us, so we could both stretch out.    

Hitting him never crossed my mind, but I was ready if that was his choice.

cyberslinger...you must not be an Alpha Male.

Thanks for the good responses so far. 

LOL @ SteveChase.

I would hook my arm through his, then rest my head on his manly shoulders. When he says something I'd act surprised and say I just thought he was trying to cuddle by coming into my space.

id throw a $20 on the floor shove my date at him and sprint for my life

You could do what I did and say, "Alrighty bitches! Everyone step back 'cause I'm about to go wiiiiiiiild! WOOOOOOOO!"

We all laughed and chatted up MMA and who were cheering for and then we all sat and enjoyed a great event.

I find people aren't often what they seem to be and given a chance to have fun they will jump at it.