UFC in Winterpeg?

Going to be in the Peg this weekend. Anyone know where they're playing the UFC?

Movado's on St. James st. across from Polo Park is playing it

Thanks, man.

I guess they don't show it at the Convention Centre anymore, eh?

Dannyboy, Liquid Lounge will also have it. But I can't stand that place. Also, lately, the Park Theatre on Osborne has been showing it.

Hmmmm. Where you gonna be watching it, Johnny? Or are you working?

Liquid lounge on corydon, movados on st.james, hooters on ness is showing it. (i believe its on ness, right by polo park shopping center), and boogies on main st. are the places that i know are showing it.

I got a housewarming at Gill and Tami's then off to work at The Freehouse. Come say hi but don't even talk about the show or I'll kick you in the nuts.

Cheers for all the info, boys.

Freehouse? Is that the new name for the Sleaze Machine? In any event, I'll be sure to wear a cup.