UFC International Fight Week 2021 is FREE to the fans

This Friday and Saturday from 9am-4pm in the Tobisha Plaza (right in front of T Mobile arena) over 30 fighters are doing a meet n greet / autograph signing.

Visit the website for HOF and other information.


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This seems just like the old expo’s that use to happen.I’m surprised that they got GSP to sign up.That first column is so much better than the rest.

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Dude yeah 70% of those fighters are shit compared to previous years. And the fact it’s outside in the 105 degree weather doesn’t help. And being free you know every Vegas local and their mom will be trying to get autographs only to resell them.

I am very surprised GSP will be there. I’m curious what day and for how long. I assume he will stay for 2-3 hours max

I scored a very limited edition GSP Fan Expo action Figure.It was in Boston & only 500 were made.

*Edited to say that forum member Boston Charm picked it up for me and I sent him the money.

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TTT for those in Vega$