UFC = Investment Dream

I wrote this article up for my blog a while ago. Even though I wrote it at a fairly basic financial level it didn't exactly get rave reviews from the people I showed it to. I figure its just the sort of thing people on this forum would be into. The column is about how great an investment the UFC would be if it went public and why.


We just revamped the website so if you want to tell me what you think about the article, or the site in general that would be great!

The crazy thing is I don't think anyone really has a clue what the UFC's ceiling is right now. I wrote an editorial yesterday on the UFC expanding into Brazil.


That is a massive (and growing both in population numbers and economically) market. Fighting is a truly universal sport. Each culture has their own sort of martial art, or warrior background, so it actually is the ONLY truly universal sport. The UFC has managed to make their brand synonymous with MMA and fighting in general around the world. They also continue to do the smart thing and re-invest money into developing markets and lobbying governments around the world. It will take a huge shift in the industry (one that I cannot forsee) to change this unipolar dynamic.

But a growing economy with a growing middle class. The UFC is thinking long term on this. I don't think most people have a clue just how big the UFC could eventually get. Japan would obiously be next, more disposable income there, but more competition.

I doubt the ticket prices will much lower in Brazil due to the fact they will likely only do one or two shows a year there. With all the Brazilian talent in the UFC people will pony up the money to see the locals who made it big. Look at what the Latino boys will pay to watch boxers.