UFC IS coming to Vancouver in summer

The B.C. government would be happy to see Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) mixed martial arts events staged in Vancouver, Attorney-General Mike de Jong said Thursday.

De Jong called mixed martial arts "a growing sport with an amazingly large fan base in Canada."

"It's clearly a legitimate sport with legitimate athletes and as long as they're working with the Vancouver council and a proper athletic commission, we have no problem with it whatsoever," he said.

"And we're happy to see them in the city."

UFC officials said the organization is aiming for its first Vancouver event early next summer.

"We're looking some time in June of 2010, that's our framework," Marc Ratner, UFC vice-president of regulatory affairs, told reporters Thursday. "If we get everything down, and I'm very confident we will, we will be here."

Executive vice-president Lawrence Epstein said the UFC will hold its annual Montreal fight card in late April and follow up with its first Vancouver card.

"We have enough Canadian fighters to ensure there's a good local presence on both cards," said UFC official Mike Mersch.

UFC sent representatives to meet Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson several weeks ago, and they were to meet with the Vancouver Athletic Commission late Thursday after meeting de Jong in Victoria Wednesday.

"We had a very positive, very supportive meeting [with de Jong]," Ratner said. "The attorney-general had done his homework, he knows MMA, knows what we do."

"I think we'll see things set in motion within 60-90 days," Epstein said.

The UFC said it will meet with Vancouver council again soon, and will also lobby the federal government for changes to Canadian prizefighting laws to legalize the sport nationwide.

"We feel very strongly that we have to get the Criminal Code changed to include MMA [as a legitimate sport]," Ratner said. "We're willing to spend the time and the money to make sure that happens."

The company is also looking to bring its "fan expo" to Vancouver. A fan expo event in Las Vegas recently drew 40,000 people over two days.

And what about the hordes of wild, intoxicated, adrenalin-fuelled teens that some expect to follow a UFC event?

"It would be a first," Mersch said. "Let's put it this way, no city has ever said 'Don't come back' to the UFC."


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The attendance record for a UFC was in Montreal, Canada @ 21390. Vancouver's GM Place according to its website is just over 21000.

Look for another close to record breaking if not the breaking.

Hey guys,

I live in Vancouver and figured you all might want a head's up on the local weed laws here.

Weed -is not- legal. You can be busted for carrying and especially for buying.

HOWEVER. This law is enforced very very loosly... Odds are that if a cop busts you for smoking they'll just tell you to chuck it in a bin.

The HIGHEST (get it, it's a pun!) penalty the cop can give you for simple possession is a TICKET. It is classified as a misdemeanor, no criminal record, no jail ect. Just a fine, like a parking ticket.

You smell pot being smoked openly on the streets all the time here, it's pretty much legal but still be at least a little careful. :)

We also have a 'Pot Block' which is a strip of stores on the 300 block of -WEST- Hastings (Be careful, EAST hastings is right next store and full of crack/meth heads. but the potblock is fine and safe) close to the 'Waterfront' Skytrain station

While there check out the New Amsterdam Cafe, a cafe where you can smoke openly but not sell.

Next store, on the left through a little gate and on the third floor, is a vapor lounge, full of Volcano Vaporizers. $5 drop in, $10 all day.

Downstairs from the Lounge you used to be able to buy weed at a desk but they closed that place down, they started selling more than just weed so the cops shut it.

So how do you buy weed then?

Well... you can hang around the potblock (there is a small square right across the street, good place to score) and if you know what you are doing, you'll be set in no time.

You can also go to the Cambie Hostel/Bar and sit next to the juke box. You'll get approached soon :)

Anyone have any questions, lay them out. I'll be happy to answer :p

Oh yeah, and someone hand this to Rogan, although he's been here several times so I'm sure he already has the hang of it!

This mornings tv news reported that they are trying for June.

The HIGHEST (get it, it's a pun!) penalty the cop can give you for simple possession is a TICKET. It is classified as a misdemeanor, no criminal record, no jail ect. Just a fine, like a parking ticket.

This needs more clarification. its not like you're going to just get a ticket if you get nailed with 10lbs in your trunk. The ticketable offense is carrying of 14g or less, any more and you can be arrested.