UFC is good in July with 2 PPVs and 3 Fight Nights

I think July is always one of the best months for ratings historically and UFC always tries to do a big card for the the IFW PPV. The PPV cards are ok and I like the Fight Night main events a lot.

RDA vs Fiziev, Ortega vs Rodriguez and Blaydes vs Aspinall are the Fight Night headliners. Here are the PPV cards.

UFC 276 Quick Card

UFC 277 Quick Card


Riddell vs Turner added to the July 2nd IFW PPV.


UFC 277 is headlined by Pena vs Nunes? Man that’s horrible


UFC 276 SUCKS for International Fight Week! That’s supposed to be the biggest event since they got rid of New Years big events

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UFC 277 if free I think

Sucks is a bit strong bro.

ultimately could be anyone on the card and someone will find a reason to be negative about it.

I am excited - will buy

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Thats a stacked ass card

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I don’t know, those PPVs look butt cheeks to me. Pereira taking on Strickland though is a must-see on the seas.

Volk vs Max 3
Izzy vs Jared
Strickland vs Periera
Munhoz vs Omalley
Green vs Milller
Muniz vs Hall
Dricus vs Tavares
Lawler vs Bryan

Thats stacked compared to ufc 275/277


What would make it better? colby?

There isn’t heaps here for the American fans might as well tell it how it is.

Cannonier likely to get his ass kicked and Max fight has been done to death

The Aussie and kiwi fans will be all over that 276 card

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Both are good fucking cards. Bad headliner in one but still a great card.

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If they got Robbie Lawler that low on the card you know it’s stacked

What about 3rd fight of international week? Murphy vs Tate!? Wtf

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Please tell me thats not a ppv.

That being said, Im really looking forward to Volk vs Holloway for 276!

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Yeah I saying the month overall looked good but that PPV was just ok to me. There are old vets and old legends on the card and sort of “flat” title fights nobody is really that invested in.

The London card will have the Brits all hype since Aspinall, Till, Craig and McCann are booked. I’m sure they will sing their little songs and it will be a fun show.

UFC Fight Night Quick Card

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I knew UFC would have a very hard time doing a series of PPV’s/numbered events as good as 266-269 they did last Sep through Dec. Those events were awesome on paper and in reality and it was the best series of UFC numbered shows I’ve seen back to back in years. The Volk vs Ortega, Blachowicz vs Teixeira, Usman vs Covington II and Oliveira vs Poirier cards.

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Nobody really cares about tonight besides the main event and I don’t blame then. I dont either but I also never skip Valentina’s fights.

Here are the Fight Night fights next weekend that make it a deeper and better card than tonight’s PPV.

UFC Fight Night Quick Card

Then UFC has a few good fights booked two weeks from now, a week before the IFW card.

UFC Fight Night Quick Card