UFC items for sale on ebay.



More stuff up under UFCMIKE


Like a broken record...More stuff up for the collecting masses.

Lots of interest from this thread but no ttt.

awesome stuff man... lol

If you want i'll trade you a nate diaz autograph item for 3 of the posters.. I'll get whatever you want signed....


Im sorry roy but i am looking to get rid of most all of my stuff. Not looking to get anything. Thanks for the offer though.

ttt - wow nice mike 300+ for ufc 6 program

Hey mike did u receive the money yet? Phone Post

gage949 - Hey mike did u receive the money yet? Phone Post

Not yet. As soon as it comes the stubs go out. Thanks again.

Trackman 2 - ttt - wow nice mike 300+ for ufc 6 program

Crazy aint it! More older programs going up too! Old SEG shirts also.

More stuff going up today. Stuff is flying out of my closet and selling better than I ever expected. SEG stuff is HOT!!!!

RyannVonDoom - Mike,

How much do you think the posters that are on the cardstock base would go for? Phone Post

Not sure ive seen those..???

More stuff up again...LOL!


Might have to sell my UFC 3 poster some time if the market is hot. It's in mint condition. Phone Post

Some great items there Mike, you had quite the collection.

I think my auctions prove the time is right to get great value out of your collectables. thanks MMAAdvertising. Never thought i would sell any of it but had a change of heart recently. The stuff has sat in my closet for years now plus my wife wanted a ring for our 20th anniversary. Already got enough cash for that and many more auctions to go. $3300 so far!

more items coming up later. Will have alot of shirts and programs up from the Zuffa era.