UFC lied. They said Mir vs. Andre!

They told us at ufc 56 Mir. vs Arlovski was on!!!!

liars why did they say that? I know Mir couldnt make the deadline for the october fight but still They promised us!

Would anyone even care to see it nowadays? Not that I wouldn't, but it wouldn't be today what it would have been then.

"Dana is a liar, thats a fact. But who cares about
Mir AA at this point? "

Mir and AA care thats about it. Frank is getting a lot
of TV face time now, so he has new fans who have
not seen him fight much. They would like to see it.

During Arlovski's reign as HW champion he wanted to fight Mir to prove that he was more than just an interim champion. Now that he's not champion anymore I don't think he or anybody else cares.

AA by bloody beatdown.

I'm sure AA would still love to smash him.