Ufc London ticket prices. Disgrace

This is why they never got rid of Dana.

The UFC is bloating it’s prices up and selling everything it can because ay some point the bubble will burst and they are trying to make all their money back asap.

They know no one lese can helm this ship before it hits the rocks and stops making money.

It’s a matter of time and I wonder who will start to get out and when.


The Fertittas…

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Yeah i agree. You just end up watching the TV, i don’t know how to explain it but it’s too detailed? When you’re watching a ball sport what matters most is where the ball is at… It’s much easier to follow without having to see specifics of where the players hands or feet are. I don’t know if I explained that well but ya UFC isn’t the greatest live unless you’re in one of the small amount of seats that can see what’s going on well. Even then it’s better on TV but you can say that part about almost any sport… There is obviously the atmosphere but you get that at any large sporting event.

I have no idea why someone would pay 1000+ or even 500+. The couple times i went i spent the equivalent of around 150 gbp and 200 gbp and i felt ripped off, but that was many years ago.


2 Decades ago called

I’ll never forget sitting in a £100 seat near some fool. he started to complain that he thought he’d be much closer and if he’d known how far away he would be, he would have brought his glasses.


2005 UFC weekend w/ decent floor seat, hotel, flight, food: $1000ish

2023: 6k+

You have to be a mad lad to drop 6k on a Vegas weekend instead of international travel, investments, etc.


Lol@the card we deserved

The ufc holding most of its events in the uk or australia is not enough for you shitstains? Going to be fucking march before the first american ppv of the year and then its right back to the UK

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Live UFC events are kinda shitty for the most part.

So many useless Neanderthals there yelling stupid shit all night and you usually end up staring at the screen.



During GSP’s WW reign my cousin and I got them Fight Club memberships and made bank for so many events.

Some Lebanese dude and his gang held 10-20 memberships

By the time general opened there was nothing good nor affordable left, also lots of singles :frowning:

They also give you a t-shirt with that Fight Club membership

Retard celebrities will pay 4-5k for a 1k ticket (and buy 2-4 seats together) at the very last minute.

The trick is to hold on until the last minute and not sell them for cheap because of fear of losing money.


This, lol at spending +500$ for a ticket, and you get 3-4 woman fights


This x2. I go to all the local shows for the most part to see the homies fight, show some love. Say hello to half the crowd and have some dranks.

UFCs? I go to them when they are up in the PNW, with all the UG/OG bros more for the experience. Not so much to watch the fights. Don’t get me wrong live action is fun, but watching fights is 10x better on TV, not surrounded by a bunch of “twist his dick, my blue belt ass would be doing this instead of that god they need to train more” fucking retards.

I went once, it sucked. And the card had GSP, Lesnar and Jon Jones. It’s just so much better from home (and much cheaper).

However if you have great seats it may be awesome but I’ll never pay the $10k to find out.


The best viewing experience for me was when we lived right beside a casino. It was way better than a bar, they had a theatre room and had a bar inside of it so could get drinks and food right there then when there was a shitty fight or in-between fights just step outside the room and gamble a bit and come back in. So much better than watching at a bar or at home. I miss that since we moved away from that particular casino and casinos near me now just play it at the regular casino bar which sucks in comparison. They only charged like $5.


RapeChoke imo nailed it. Used to feel better when it was more reasonable. SDSA was fun


I am the biggest UFC nut hugger there is but I am starting to get really disheartened by this.

UK and Australian fans are very loyal to their fighters. They love the sport and had a lot of time between events due to covid.

Now the UFC and the ticket distributors know that. They honeydick the fans with bullshit rumours about the fight card - 284 was meant to have sterling v cejudo and bobby vs costa. Neither of those fights were signed but they sold the card in minutes at over $400aud for the nosebleeds

Everything fell off the card except for the main and now its full of locals that havent had a UFC fight in 12 months. UK will be the same albeit slightly better as they have more depth of fight talent.

I paid over 2k for my flights and the ticket to 284 and i did for all the previous australian cards that went the same way - I wont be fucking doing it again


I agree wholeheartedly on hockey and soccer. Local MMA in a small venue is awesome, but a UFC fight is just too small and detail oriented to enjoy in a stadium. Just my opinion of course.


isn’t 400 close to what a gram of coke costs out there? i don’t understand australian prices at all.

this thread makes me sad. watching live ufc events can be so fucking awesome. but if it starts to cost me vacation money i’ll likely never go again.

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I will go to Fury Usyk instead should be announced soon.


Sad to read Dana’s more worried about slap league then shit cards and shocking prices.


A gram of rack is 300 in general. Do not use that as your yard stick - drug prices are almost as fucked here as UFC ticket prices.

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