UFC London Ticket Prices, WTF!?!?

I haven’t been to a Live UFC event in a while (2013), but fucking hell, why have the prices gone up so much, since then?

We paid around £265 for a cage side seat for Munoz vs Machida, similar seats are being sold for £1.5k today directly through O2!

Crazy! Has this been like this for a while now?


I would say yes it’s been this way a while and depends who is fighting.

Seems like too weak of a card for those prices but it’s London people will pay it, it’ll sell out.


Supply and command. The UK hasn’t had a card in, what, years now? The UFC seems to have used this covid debacle to increase prices on everything coming out of it. UFC 270 prices were pretty insane for such a weak outing of fighters and as long as people keep paying, the prices hikes will stick around.

I think this whole thing surrounding fighter pay may have something to do with it as well. They’re building up a bank roll to pay out fighters as they start asking for more and more money going forward. The fans always foot the bill for shit like that. It’s never the actual promotion. They’ll stay making the same or more, we’ll be stuck paying more for everything (tickets, PPVs, merchandise, ESPN+, etc.).

Edit: And ads. Don’t forget about the ads.



Arm, leg, first born.


I hear they have killer Pubs there to watch the fights


How to go for free

Get a VPN.

Buy the tickets

Go to event

Call CC company next day and say it wasnt you

Boom free


They’re banking on the rarity of shows here to demand prices like that. And obviously there are people out there who will pay those prices.

Not really, the fights are in the middle of the night/early morning, barely anywhere shows them. I was living in central London and there was maybe 2 pubs that stayed open and showed the fights.


insanity , you kidding ?

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It’s crazy. We had 02 priority today and cheapest available by time we logged on were £250 each…


Fuck my buddy messaged me earlier to say he’d managed to get some. Wonder how much my dumbass owes him.


No I’m serious, i didn’t even bother 90% of the time, just watched next day, i watched in 1 sports bar 1 time, then watched in casino a couple times.

Used to be alot more over a decade ago.

Now that the cards are so diluted interest has waned.

I get the UFC for free legally (As BT sports is free to everyone in the apartment complex where I live.) and don’t bother watching most of the time.

Back in the day I never ever missed a card.


They started at £50 so might have snagged some ok ones :smiley:

Saucy sorted the last section out I went to. Prices seem nuts these days.

Tip, Friday evening all the reseller websites put the prices back to face just to sell them

I’m gonna give this one a miss, can’t be bothered with London and I’m pissed they put Paddy above Arnold Allen on the card.


It Is What Is Dana White GIF

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Who is sitting cage side now versus 2013? All Hollywood types and sports stars. They can afford it. Hell, the NFL division championship game in Los Angeles had parking at various locations close to the stadium ranging from $300 to almost $500. Just for parking. Big events are no longer for the average fan.


No more cageside seats at UFC.Those are for VIP’s and media.

Your ass is back about 20 yards or more.

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