UFC London Ticket Prices, WTF!?!?

If you do this make sure you use Exidio, Nord and the main popular ones are centralized garbage that can’t prove they don’t save your info.

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I’ve just been on again got to the front of the queue within 3 minutes all gone! Cheapest ticket apparently was £63 (none available), probably sat in the janitor cupboard!

I guess things just get over monetised over time, but this is ridiculous. I can’t imagine what they would charge for a Conor fight!

£382 for top tier!


Er yeah, fuck that.

  • transport
  • hotel
  • food and drink
  • ticket

Best part of a grand. I can go to the Bahamas for a week for that, not the shithole that is London.


Fucking joke. They’re destroying our lack of PPV input !!!

My exact point. Seats closest to the cage are for high rollers of some type (Hollywood, sports, etc.).

No thanks for those ticket prices, Covids kicked my ass more than it has the UFCs. Thought they would ease people back into show rather than anal rape us with no lube


Nothing like a bit of credit card fraud to reduce costs…

Or you could use that vpn to stream the event lol. Slightly less chance of getting charged with a serious offence.

No chance at tickets at any level, sold out, apparently….

I saw ando v bisping in London. It was great! Great mma crowd


That is fuking exy. Sure that is direct or is that a reseller?

Edit can see it’s Ticketmaster. I’ve been to a lot of events across 3 countries and I can confirm that’s quite a bit for first release

It’s taking the piss out of enthusiastic fans that haven’t been to the ufc live in a long time

You’re paying more becaus they’re throwing in Covid as part of the package

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Comes with a shot of ivermectin

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Everyone there had it. No one gives a fuck in London anymore.

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Or the rest of the UK really. There’s still pockets but nobody on a whole gives a fuck :smiley:

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Supply and command you say?