UFC LOWERS pay per view prices?!!!

January 9, 2007
Kole McCrady, UFC

Based on recent media and online outlets displaying fans' apparent outrage at the rising pay per view charges for UFC events, Zuffa LLC has announced that charges for future UFC events will decrease during 2007. The decrease in charges are to begin immediately, starting with UFC 67.

"We've heard that some of our fans are taking issue with the prices they are paying to watch the UFC on pay per view," explained a representative for the UFC. "While we want to first say that the increase in prices for a UFC pay per view event only reflects the increase in promotional costs associated with a developing sport, we also acknowledge the burden such pay per view costs puts on the average UFC fan. As such, we are determined to lower costs and save money for every fan effective immediately."

Initially promoted as a $39.95 pay per view event, UFC 67 has been reduced to $29.95 for the February 3, 2007 event. Though not officially announced at the time of this press release, UFC 68 is rumored to be priced at $19.95 on all pay per view outlets.

Dana White, co-owner of the UFC, described the decision to lower the UFC pay per view prices as "fucking ridiculous." While White may be one of the few people unhappy with the bold price lowering tactic to be used by the UFC in 2007, other notable fans were clear in their support of the move. UFC fighter Forest Griffin cried at the news while veteran Evan Tanner raised a frosted mug in obvious support. When questioned whether he thought the lower UFC prices would stop the recent griping over UFC pay per view costs, UFC announcer Mike Goldberg exclaimed, "IT IS ALL OVER!"

Following UFC 68, UFC pay per view prices will continue to steadily decrease throughout 2007, finally stopping when all UFC pay per view events will be shown on pay per view at a flat rate of $.99.

Zuffa, LLC plans to announce its filing of a petition for bankruptcy in early 2008.

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