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What do you mean “if Charles can’t go yet”?

He’s not injured, the dude wants a holiday. The UFC is not going to hold the division up until next year because this guy wants a vacation.

He’s not even the champ. They can make the title fight anytime they want and if he chooses to sit two other fighters will go at for the title instead.

GSP won his first title fight in a different division 12 years earlier. Not even close to comparable.

I agree with everything you’re saying about Khabib…my response was to the dude above saying that the UFC rolled out the red carpet for Khabib, saying Islam wants the same. Conor held the belt hostage a while in addition to the other stuff you mentioned above.

I don’t think Khabib got any kind of special treatment from the UFC. If anything, he got held back.

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Sure, the UFC can make a title fight in a month if they want to, but it’s pretty normal for belts to get defended twice per year. Charles wanting to wait until the fall to fight again certainly isn’t holding anything up.

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Khabib was in the UFC for six years and did nothing but win to earn his title shot.
Conor was in the UFC for two years and earned a title shot. Got another after losing to Diaz 2x.
Alvarez was in the UFC for less than two years to earn a title shot after going 2-1.
Chandler was in the UFC for five months and went 1-0 to earn a title shot.
Gaethje was in the UFC for three years and went 4-2 to earn a title shot and then got another one after 1 win.
Oliverira spent eight years in the UFC and then had to go on a eight fight win streak over another three years to get a title shot.

Pretty easy to tell right there who UFC liked the idea of as champ and who they did not. Agree that Khabib did not get special treatment and he got held back.

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Remember when Khabib fought 3 times in 3 years once he had the title and Oliveira has fought twice in one year?

You are a troll, Oliveira does not want a vacation, hes thr most active champion there is

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Just pretend its Ramadan or some shit…lol

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Charles is fighting Islam in October you scared little pussies. Suck it faggots.

No he’s not lol


Interview with Kevin Iole

Transcript from Interview

KEVIN IOLE: He said he knows who his next opponent is going to be. He didn’t reveal it. He said that you told him who it was going to be, and that it won’t be in Brazil. So that was the two nuggets he put out. You know–

DANA WHITE: I would say he’s probably going to fight in October. I have fights made all the way up to October 8 already

Nice editing out quotes bud

DANA WHITE: I would say he’s probably going to fight in October. I have fights made all the way up to October 8 already. So probably October or November.

Prefaced with:

I would say he’s probably going to fight in October.

Trying to scurry away like a little rat I see, just like Oliveira was.

The best 3 fights for the champ are Beneil vs Oliveira, Islam vs Oliveira or Volk/Max winner vs Oliveira.

I think they’re going to do Oliveira vs Volk/Max winner and the same card as Islam vs Beneil to setup the next fight, or within 30 days.

This will make the promotion the most money. They do not care about Islam fanboys

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Dariush vs Islam will be a great co main to Stipe vs Jones


That’s the fight to make. Islam can attempt to get a top 5 win instead of jumping the line from beating someone unranked to a title shot. Or Dariush can prove he’s next in line. Either way, winner can face Charles.


Looking forward to the tears when Islam and Oliveira is official for October and then the following tears when Islam beats his scrawny ass.

Half of you guys are probably going to leave but I hope you stay so I can rub your faces in it.

What will you do if Charles wins?

Murk fools who step to me in my battle rap thread, of course.

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Seriously though, I’m a Khabib fan.

I don’t really care about Islam.

If Charles beats him, he beats a guy that Khabib kills every day in the training room.

But if Charles loses to him, he loses to Khabib Lite.

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