UFC LW title picture

I think timing played a big role in alvarez and chandler…also, alvarez won 2 in a row over guys who had just lost in a title fight. Pettis lost the belt, then lost to alvarez his next fight. melendez lost in a title fight, then lost to alvarez in his next fight. If someone like McKee were to join the UFC tomorrow and win close decisions over Gaethje and Poirier, he’d get a title shot too.

It’s easy to look back and shit on the alvarez title shot after seeing what pettis and melendez did after that, but they were both fresh off title fights when eddie beat them…and there was really nobody else in the top 5 that was available to fight for the belt. Lots of guys were hurt.

And Chandler…he only got the title fight because Poirier wanted to fight Conor instead. He certainly got pushed super fast, but who else made sense when Poirier turned it down? There was nobody else close to the top 5 coming off a win. Khabib had recently beaten everyone, and the best case scenario for the UFC was a title fight between the two best guys who didn’t lose to Khabib. How shitty would it look if Gaethje won immediately after losing to Khabib? It would be obvious he was only champ because Khabib left. Look at all the “oliveira would beat khabib” comments on here. There would be no debate if the champ was a guy khabib already beat.


Charles was interviewed by ESPN Brazil today and reiterated he’d like to fight Conor. Copied and pasted:

“It would be a very good fight for me,” Oliveira said of a McGregor fight. “It would put a lot of money in my pocket, and [at this moment] that’s the most important thing. And it would also be really good for my legacy, for me to have in my story. Regardless, if he’s coming from defeat or not, he’s a guy who’s made history, so I think it would be great, but it’s not just up to me. If it were up to me, this fight would already be happening.”

McGregor is the biggest star in the history of mixed martial arts and his fights draw the most money. That fact is not lost on Oliveira.

“I have a daughter to raise,” Oliveira said. “Everyone wants to fight Conor, it’s not just me who wants to. Everyone knows that fighting Conor is very profitable. I’m talking about money. And Conor knows that, that everyone wants to fight him.”

He was asked about Islam. Copied and pasted:

Oliveira said he thinks Makhachev needs to win "at least one more fight before trying for the belt. “I’ve never ran from a fight and the lightweight champion is called Charles Oliveira,” Oliveira said. “Is Islam a very tough guy? Yep. Did he fight big names? No. He’s on a big streak, but who did he fight?”

Oliveira, though, said if Makhachev, a dominant wrestler, wins one more fight, he’d be willing to face him at the end of the year in Oliveira’s home country of Brazil, Makhachev’s home country of Russia or anywhere else. I don’t care about his fighting style," said Oliveira, who is one of the best grapplers in UFC history and the best submission artist. “What he does best, I do 10 times more. If he thinks that putting down everyone [on the ground] he [fought] is the same thing as [fighting] Charles Oliveira, he is completely wrong.”

Lol everyone is calling out Conor now. Big money. And they think it’ll be easy


Im probably forgetting others too

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Easy for:


Conor probably beats Mas


Dana saying Chandler vs Conor makes sense is because of the potential trash talk and fight building.

Oliveira vs Conor is a stretch.

Would rather see Oliveira vs winner of Volk/Max

How stupid is the Brazilian Mr. Ed?

I want to fight guy on 3 fight losing streak

Guy on 11 fight win streak needs to do more :sweat_smile: Pitiful

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Charles calling the shots

Deal with it


More like guy without the title trying to call the shots but will be dragged back like lill bitch when, where and with whom the UFC want him fight the second they announce the fight for the vacant title.

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Charles is the greatest champion that’s ever sat on the LW throne. UFC knows it. He’s gotta be making $2-3m a fight in the last 2.

It was disclosed he made around a million for the Chandler fight and I’m not even sure they had PPV points.

I could see Oliveira getting the money for business with Conor.
There’s no money to be made off of Islam yet in comparison to Conor, Chandler, Gaethje, Poirier, Volkonowski and Holloway


Sub Paul Felder level fighter

This begs the question just how good is......... | Sherdog Forums | UFC,  MMA & Boxing Discussion

He beat Chandler to win the title, defended it against Gaetje and then lost it. Wow! What a run.

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Ali Bagov vs Rashid Magomedov is 7/22nd.
Primus vs Shabliy is 6/24.
2nd round of PFL regular season fights is tomorrow.

Bagov, Magomedov, Tiger Sarnovsky, Vartanyan, Raisov, Musayev would all be good to see get to compete in the UFC.

Ready for these UFC summer fights to get rolling here.
Cowboy vs Lauzon
Kutateladze vs Ismagulov
RDA vs Fiziev
Moises vs Giagos
Tsarukyan vs Gamrot
Klose vs Ferreira
Green vs Miller
Riddell vs Turner
Dober vs Alves
Solecki vs Silva Coelho
McKinney vs Gonzalez
Pimblett vs Leavitt


Chandler, Poirier and Gaethje. All finishes in combined time of 18 mins 43 seconds

combined record of opponents: 73-14

Chandler had only been finished 3 times
Poirier had only been finished 4 times
Gaethje had only been finished 3 times

All in their prime fighting years.

There has never been a better finisher or LW champ in the UFC than Charles Oliveira


Interesting perspective.
Charles’ skills aged like fine wine. He absolutely deserves to cash in bigly versus Conor.


Oliveira had lost the title by the time he fought Porier.

No, he won the title by beating Chandler, defended it against Poirier, then missed weight by .5 lbs (arguable) and was stripped but still beat prime Gaethje in 3 mins 20 seconds.

Oliveira is technically not the champ but still seen as the champ


Hoping Bellator does a LW GP next year. With their recent big signings I see they now have 20% of the top 100 ranked LWs. Only six are ranked in the top 50 and their champ is ranked 25 but still… with Patricky, Outlaw, Shabliy, Primus, Musayev, Barnaoui, Usman Nurmagomedov etc… a LW GP in 2023 would be great.


I agree that would be awesome. FYI Primus and Shabliy fight next week on the Mousasi card too

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This Saturday I got

Arman Tsarukyan
Thiago Moises


I cant get any more erect thinking about a UFC LW GP