UFC LW title picture

I came here to post something similar…7-9 are RDA, Conor and Ferguson currently. Also guys like Poirier who have openly stated they’re close to retiring and unlikely to fight at 155 again. The top 10 should look VERY different 6-9 months from now.


Islam Makhachev, who will put Oliveira out to pasture and sit on top of the LW division with 4 horsemen below him.

Respect to Islam, he is about to face the champ, who has a name and should he win he could have Gamrot next and if he loses he gets Arman.

155 is the nuts

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I see Islam losing handily to Oliveira
Gamrot beating Dariush

Gamrot vs Oliveira will be a very tough.


Gamrot is extremely durable, and athletic

Islam did better against Arman than Gamrot though.

All three will kick Oliveira’s ass.

Now BOTH Max AND Volkanowski are saying they want to go to LW?!
The odds of Islam getting the title fight over Max or Volk are now low.
Dariush vs Islam confirmed.

Islam is too big and too strong. Would walk through both of them

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I really do not like Max at 155

It depends on how big he gets and who else is still there. Guys like Poirier put on size and were completely different fighters at 155. With Max being super technical, and still only 30 years old, it wouldn’t shock me if he was a top 5 lightweight for years.

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Desperation post. Particularly because Dana just called for Gamrot and Dariush.

Islam and Charles is already next.

Max or Volk can fight the winner in this unlikely scenario. The UFC is not in the business of protecting Charles Oliveira.

Why won’t the UFC announce the fight then?

They announce fights all the time before the agreements are even signed, like Aljo vs DIllashaw.

I’ll tell you why, because Islam draws 0 eyeballs. Max or Volk vs Oliveira will be the highest grossing PPV event of the year.

you are desperate, Oliveira beats Islam easy via club and sub, you heard it here first.
Islam will be back to his goat farmer ways in no time.

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Looked flabby vs Dustin but with proper time to fill into the frame would prob do ok. Dustin had years to fill into it.

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Because it’s not until October 22nd and according to Oliveira’s coach he hasn’t signed yet.

I’m guessing they will move on without Charles and have Islam fight someone else for the vacant title if Charles doesn’t man up.

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Lol, I love how you’re acting like this favela sewer rat is a draw like Conor and the UFC is going to base their vacant LW title plans around him :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

If he doesn’t show up on their schedule he’ll be replaced in seconds.

Your scenario is laughable dude.

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So you think if the UFC want Charles to fight Islam for the vacant title in October and he doesn’t sign they’re just going to wait on him and give him what he wants?

You are aware he’s not the champ, has no title and has zero leverage right?

I think the UFC wants to make the fight that will make them the most money…the 155 title maybe vacant but that doesnt mean Charles hasnt headlined 3 successful PPVs in a row

Dana is wait to see what Volk does…face it…Islam is riding in the back seat now

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I don’t think that’s the case at all. Dana just said he wants Gamrot to fight Dariush, which is strongly indicating that Islam will be fighting Oliveira next (sources have said they’re targeting Oct 22 in Abu Dhabi, which is a big money market). Oliveira has been a so/so draw with other bigger names than himself on the cards he’s headlined. This Max and Volk challenging for a second title thing seems more like yeah, that could happen down the road but they haven’t even fought yet. They would be more likely to fight the winner of Islam and Oliveira if not even further down the road.

Thats fair

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