UFC LW title picture

yeah probably this

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Looks like UFC is calling for the fight in Abu Dhabi but Charles is going to have to be dragged there kicking and screaming :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

i’d feel the same way. only reason khabib made weight vs justin was because they were in abu dabi


This makes sure Islam has to make weight, and less bias judging


That’s a conspiracy.

The bottom line here is Khabib and Islam offered to fight Charles in Brazil already but the UFC are the ones who want Abu Dhabi.

If Charles thinks he’s going to dictate where the fight takes place he’s absolutely delusional.

Sweet…NYC card is usually in November…I can wait a couple more weeks

The UFCs glamour division needs to have their title fight in the states in front of a raucous crowd…not a bunch of sober dudes wearing blankets with a table cloth on their head


They are probably reasonably sure Islam the sizable betting favourite is going to win and want the fight to take place in this expanding new market instead of treading over old ground. Not to mention oil shieks will be paying them a pretty penny to host an event with the heir to Khabib.

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Let’s not forget that Khabib WANTED Islam to fight Charles in enemy territory.

The Abu Dhabi call is obviously the UFC.

How do u know they aren’t getting lit in underground tail gate parties in the desert before?

The 3 judges were Ben Cartlidge, Vito Paolillo and Darryl Random

Oliviera quoted these judges as being biased towards Muslims? The names don’t sound very Abu Dhabian lol.



I’m guessing Gamrot vs. Dariush would be on the same card as Charles vs. Islam. Usually the UFC schedules the matches close to have a back-up in case a main eventer gets injured.

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Is Dariush the most over achieving fighter in the UFC?

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Probably. The UFC does this to bring attention to new contenders.

Gamrot will beat the shit out of Dariush.

Wow Dariush won the no-gi worlds as a brown belt?

In MMA, he just looks so blue collar and wins on toughness. Am I off base about this?


Beneil is a savage, but so is Gamrot. That would be such a gritty dog fight.

Dariush has the better submission game, high caliber opponents and more career subs.
But Gamrot has an iron chin and very high level cardio, would be a great fight.

That, and the UFC tries not to announce big fights immediately before another big fight they’re trying to sell you. They’re focused on this weekend’s PPV currently and don’t want to announce anything that could steal headlines from it.

Except EVERY MEDIA MEMBER scored the fight for Ulanbekov (legit, on mma decisions 13 of them all had the same 29-28 score, with the only person scoring for Charles’ teammate being from the albiladpress, whatever that is)…and the judges for the fight included Ben Cartlidge, who regularly does UFC, Bellator and Cage Warriors along with Daryl Ransom who also pretty regularly judges cage warriors, and has done a couple UFC’s on that side of the world.

There have been fucking zero bad judges decisions that have looked like a gift for the fighter from that region.

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One thing to keep in mind…Johnny Bones is likely to be back in the cage soon. We haven’t heard Dana say something like “Jones is ready to go” in a very long time. It’s not just Jones posting on twitter about it, Dana is talking about it, and saying it’s either Stipe or Francis. Jon’s from NY, it’s typically one of the biggest cards of the year…wouldn’t be shocking if Jones headlines the MSG card.

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Missed this post before I posted my response about the judges.