UFC Magazine in iran 2007


i now upload my new photoes on iranian martial arts magazin about UFC MMA Pride fc and IFL Hero and 1_frank shamrock 2_chuck liddel 3_tiot ortize 4_Anderson silva 5_ken shamrock 6_royce grace 7_mikro crocop 8_rampage 9_randy cotter 10_in memory of carlson Gracy and ......please wait for 10 minate and you can see new photo!!!

in the memory of carlson gracy we are published news and condolences about he in iranian martial arts magazin ___ R.I.P and condolences again after one year and you can see the photo about master Carlson Gracie on iranian martial arts magazine at this addres


Tito ortiz vs Ken shamrock at UFN7 on iranian magazin http://www.ufciran.20m.com/images/tioto_vs_ken_iran_magazin.jpg

mikro cro cop at iranian martial arts Magazine
february 2007 http://www.ufciran.20m.com/images/micro_180x135.jpg

Anderson silva on iranian martial arts magazin 2007 http://www.ufciran.20m.com/images/silva_iran_magazin.jpg

rampage on iranian magazine martial arts 2007 february http://www.ufciran.20m.com/images/rampage_iran_magazin.jpg


You should email me right away, you appear to have taken content from Fightsport Magazine in France. The magazine that I work for.

Please email me so that we can talk about this



Don't tar everyone with your own ignorant closed minded brush.


Don't tar everyone with your own ignorant closed minded brush.


DROC : Ok i send my news for you

Frank shamrock at iranian martial arts magazine febeuary 2007 http://www.ufciran.20m.com/images/frank_shamrock_iran_magazin.jpg

1_ http://www.ufciran.20m.com/images/chuckliddel_poster.jpg ...........
2_ http://www.ufciran.20m.com/images/chuckliddel_dvd.jpg........
3_ http://www.ufciran.20m.com/images/chuckliddel_dvd_poster.jpg ..........
Chuck liddell is the best fighter in the world and her DVD is the best DVD until i now Watching !!!.... 2_http://www.ufciran.20m.com/images/chuckliddel_dvd.jpg


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