UFC Milking the fans

I'm used to paying for MMA PPV's because they usually contain 4 or 5 potential 'main event' fights. Take this previous Pride, for example.

The next UFC card is fucking weak. Belfort/Couture III is good, and Liddell/White is potentially a main-event calibre fight, but that's it.....

All of the other fights on this card do little to excite the average fan. How does the UFC have the balls to charge the same $30/PPV that Pride does when their show is not as good?

Yves/Thompson is good IF we get to see it.

we BETTER get so see yves if the time is there.

2 or 3 have been good cards out of the last 10.so usually ufc is a waste of money.

Lawler/Jhun will be better than Yves's fight for sure

I remember paying to watch 15 minutes of screaming drumming on a Pride not too long ago

Terrel/Lindland? Lawler/Jhun? If you're gonna charge $30 for the PPV, then yes, VERY weak.

lol, not as weak as Bushido 3 was for $20, or tomorrow's KOTC card is for $30