UFC Music question

Hey guys,

I have been searching the net lately for one of the UFC's theme songs, but I have had no luck finding the song anywhere yet?

It's the song that has been played on the opening credits of the last four UFC's. I think the first time they played it was on the opening of UFC 40: Vendetta. Well, what I'd like to know is where you can download that song or the name of the artist or song to help my search online.


Joe Reilly

do you have cable email? I can email it to you.... otherwise it would take 4 ever........

whats the MMA scene like in Dublin?

There's not too many clubs in Ireland, never mind Dublin, but I train in the best one and that's John Kavanagh's Straight Blast Gym Ireland.

The club mainly focuses on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Wrestling, but they also cover some Muay Thai, Freestyle wrestling and we train some Vale Tudo.

Hey Momita, What is cable email? Is that broadband connection, if so, I don't have it, but do you at least know the name of the artist or the song itself and I can at least look it up?


Joe Reilly

would you email it to me please?


I sent it J Roc, let me know if you get it?

Irishgrappler, sheesh, sorry, I don't know who does it, I have a couple, plus the Pride song, which I listen to in my car every where I go!! I can still send it if ya want?

got it thanks.

my email address is tupacolypse_now@hotmail.com

Could you please send me that UFC song please?

I already have the PRIDE theme which I enjoy listening to, but I need to gather some UFC songs also.

Damn, Zuffa make it hard to find the music they use, lol


Joe Reilly

on the way Joe!

ya get it Irish??

Haven't got it yet, but I will try and clear some space in my inbox to be able to download your attachment.

I've learned that the band is called
Stemm and the song is called "Face the pain".

However, I can't find a link to the song anywhere.

Anyone got anything more on this?