ufc must be kicking themselves

all that money they spent marketing franklin! Now the champ probably wont be taking xyience and doesnt even speak english!!!! lol at least we have a great fighter as the champ. silva has had arguably the most accurate and hardest strikes in the game for a long time! all u ufc fans who have never heard of him before saturday night. do some research. franklin was koed before he even walked into the ring.
congrats to anderson silva. he is going to be tough to beat.

that's a wrap....That belt is staying right with Anderson Silva....He's just incredible...

ufc is going to have an anarchist, a canadian, and a brazilian who cannot speak english! i love it...the marketing is going to go right out the window!!!! and yes silva is top banana and will stay that way for a while.

I don't know what you're talking about? A devastating striker is what the UFC has been looking for for years.

right....but its hard to market a man that doesnt speak english... their 'devastating' strikers were supposed to be liddel and franklin lol.

lol@ danas hangover this morning

Yeah because Fedor speaks Japanese or English.

pride doesnt have a huge marketing campaign around fedor. he is not plastered all over xyience commercials or all over ALL ACCESS tv shows. ufc relys on marketing in the american market. japanese market doesnt rely so heavy on marketing and even when fedor does interviews/tv shows in japan the japanese public doesnt care. they know there is a lot imported to their island country. americans wont watch if they have to read subtitles!

It's funny how everyone bitched about the UFC not getting international talent, then they bring in one of the best, and you still talk shit.

The fact is, the UFC is slowly taking over the entire MMA world.

dana-so anderson will u take xyience...?
silva- no!
dana- yea...well... you know....that might be a problem.
silva- no worries see you in japan.

ok marketing guru.

"americans wont watch if they have to read subtitles!"

No one saw the Passion of the Christ either.

"ufc relys on marketing in the american market"

Did you ever think that they now have a bigger market in Brazil w/Silva being champ?

What about that Hughes guy steppin up? Gonna happen?

The champ may not be taking Xyience, but he's got a Xyience sponsorship and was wearing a Xyience hat the last time I saw him away from the ring.