ufc needs 155lb division who will

the next 155lb fighters for ufc here's who I think would be good to watch.ludwig ,genki sudo,rumina sato,ralph gracie,albert krous,josh thompson,karo parysan if he cuts down,the shark,jens pulver,and bj penn,I picked these guys because there exciting to watch not because of there records!

Serra! Can be most exciting when faced with a non cowardly opponent.


They need to give Rich "No Love" Clementi another shot. He is proving himself time and time again in the 155 Division.

who in the heck is albert krous?

he's k-1 max fighter i think

Kraus would not be intresting to watch in MMA. He doesn't train for it as far as I know. He is one of the top guys in K-1 max. He KOed Ludwig with out too much trouble when they fought. He has a lucritive career ahead of him in K-1 I don't know why he would want to fight in the UFC. He would need lots of ground training andwouldn't make the kind of money he makes fighting in a sport he is already near the top of.

I would like to see Matt Serra fight Rich Clementi.

Kawajiri (who beat Yves by decision and KO'ed Ryan Bow in the first round in his last 2 fights)

or the best 155'er in the sport (excluding Penn of course) Takanori Gomi. But I think Gomi has a contract with Bushido now.

Don't forget Joachim Hansen who has beaten Gomi for the Shooto title.

Hermes Franca and Rich Clementi would be another good match.

Half the guys you listed don't even fight at 155. Pulve and Sato fight at 145. Karo can't make 155, he already cuts to make 170. SHerk woudl ahve to cut off both legs to make 155, he fights at 170. BJ is the 170 lb champ so I don't see him fighitng at 155 anytime soon.

Bring Kultar Gill . Great fighter

Doesn't Rich have a better thing going with ZST?

The UFC doesn't give LWs any money or respect, so I would think he'd stay in Japan.

Can't believe no one's said Vitor Ribiero.

Wait until you see how badly Gomi owned the chute boxe guy at the last Bushido.

Jens Pulver

Rich has a great thing going with zst. He has a interview in the newest fullcontactfighter and the badbreed DVD and american fighter.

Vitor Shaolin

ttt for rich clementi