UFC needs a lightweight tournament.

This is the best way to sort out the current mess happening in the division. This is possibly the most stacked division in the UFC. With Max Holloway, and Aldo showing interest in moving up, there is just so much potential. 

Champ: Khabib

1: Ferguson

2: McGregor

3: Poirier

4: Iaquinta

5: Lee

6: Barboza

7: Gaethje

8: Pettis

9: Cerrone

10: Felder 

11: Gillespie

12: Hernandez

13: Diaz

14: Vick

15: Charles Oliveira

Just looking at the champ, and top 15 you can see so many great potential matchups, and then there are the guys like Hollawy and Aldo that could potentially come up. In a 16 man tounament, it could be awesome.

I woould still give Tony the first shot at Khabib as I feel he has earned it.

Here are the fights I would make for the first round if I could(some are already being rumored)

Khabib vs Ferguson

McGregor vs Cerrone

Poirier vs Aldo

Lee vs Oliveira

Barboza vs Gaethje

Felder vs Hernandez

Pettis vs Gillespie

Holloway vs Diaz

The best part is there are still a pile of great fighters that could easily step in if anyone gets injured.

Lightweight is stacked.



If only it was that simple... 

I don’t envy the UFC match makers trying to make fights happen especially in this weight class. It would be nice to get some actual updates as to why guys like Dustin and Ferg aren’t fighting..

Gillespie is trouble for anyone not named Khabib

Poirier and Ferguson are both waiting big fights, or title shots.

I think outside of a title fight a fight with Aldo is the next best thing for Poirier.

Most of these guys talk about wanting a clear road to the title…this could be it. 

KidPittsburgh -

Gillespie is trouble for anyone not named Khabib

I agree he has been looking really good so far.

This would sure be a great way to find out just how good he really is.

I also feel like Max Holloway vs Nate Diaz would probably break every striking record in UFC history.