UFC Needs An Ultimate Ultimate

Id like to see UFC stack the deck one time a year and have a mega Ultimate Ultimate Show.Pride has their Grand Prixs and all .The UFCs format in my opinion ,tho they have good fights the format in my opinion is played out and getting stale.They need to mix it up once in a while.Maybe have a few tounrnements where u fights once in a show and the winners fight in the next show ?

Bring back the 8 man tournament for 1 show.

I would like to see the UFC do some sort of tournament to take care of the vacant titles. What is it, 2 Champs in 5 weight classes.

I would love a UFC Middle Weight tournament, if you think about it, it could really get interesting. There Middle weight division is stacked and no belt. why not a tournement?


They should run 3 tournies a year, one for each of the hot divisions, eventually they should run one for every weight class, then they coulkd have a year end show where the tourny winners fight the linear champs, along with a few superfights.

They should also start holding international events again.

It wont happen. Dana doesnt like tourneys. The athletic commission probably wouldn't let them do it anyway.

im not saying a tourney in one night One fight per show with the winners advancing to the next show

So the athletic commission will let K-1 do tournaments, but not the UFC?? Go figure

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