UFC Needs Another England Show!

I was just watching UFC 38 today and was so impressed by the performances of some British fighters (Mark Weir and Ian Freeman especially) and even more impressed by the patriotism of the British crowd.

UFC 38 was a great event and I feel that Zuffa should really consider doing another show at the Royal Albert Hall.

I would include these matches:

Jean Silva VS Genki Sudo

Reason: We all know Genki Sudo is Mr. Excitement. Flying submissions, wild strikes, an unorthodox stance and footwork and spectacular entrances.

Jean Silva is also a VERY exciting fighter. Everyone needs to go download his highlight video off of www.subfighter.com He goes for flying submissions, capoeria kicks, always throws bombs. This guy literally NEVER stalls. LITERALLY! These two are the most exciting 155 pound fighters without a doubt and if they ever fought it would be legendary. Silva seems to be very popular with the British fans. (He is a Brazillian who lives and trains in England.)

Ian Freeman VS Yoshihiki Takahashi

Reason: This would be a standup war. Both are pretty well rounded MMA fighters that love to brawl. Both love to use their boxing and throw bombs. I think Freeman would win, which would be a plus for the British fans.

Lee Murray VS Phil Baroni

Reason: I think the reasoning for this is pretty obvious. BOth are great strikers who have KO power in their hands. This would definitely end in a KO. The Brtiish fans would go crazy for this fight imo.

Mark Weir VS Amar Suloev:

Reason: Another potential great fight. Both are aggressive on the ground and on the feet. Suloev definitely needs to be back in the UFC.

What do you guys think?



As I said on my other thread, you are a class act taking that name after the Joke bashed you. That double-digit IQ'd wonder has three words in his lexicon (gay, bitch and fuck). Don't worry about that dunce, you showed class in the face of stupidity.

I had the same sentiments about the English fighters and was really moved with Ian's comments and such. Wier looked good too. But the guy you mention that stands out to me is Suloev - he one of the most exciting fighters out there and the UFC squandered him. He's a 185 pound contender for sure...

And I agree, Fedor-Coleman is a matchup for the ages. A lot of folks write Mark off but he matches up well with Fedor. If Coleman is at the top of his game it will be fascinating.


Hey thanks a lot man. I made a bet with TheRealJoker and would never go back on my word. Thanks for the compliments!

I am really puzzled with Suloev being released by the UFC. On the feet and on the ground he always goes for the finish.

TTT for another UFC England


dana said on a thread somewhere on sherdog i think,that ufc 38 in london was awesome,and hed love to go back there,all positive stuff.he said the only thing stopping him was sky tv,being greedy i think.but now setanta have taken over ufc shows and sky tv box office as such are not involved and setanta seem more than reasonable,theres no reason why the ufc in england shouldnt be considered!ufc in england would ROCK!m.m.a has taken off since ufc 38 theres shows galore in england now!ive no doubt that the ufc would be a complete sell out in the uk.

i think freeman versus shamrock would be better,fight was supposed to happen and never did!

ttt for ufc england.if we pester dana and zuffa enough maybe theyl consider it!

infact ive had a better idea a rematch with mir would be better!


"I am really puzzled with Suloev being released by the UFC. On the feet and on the ground he always goes for the finish."

I couldn't agree more.

Everyone on this thread is correct in everything they say. That is all.

Bring the UFC back to England!!!!

Mostist correctist thread EVA!

id like to see paul jenkins, sammy shiavo, dave roache and matt ewing get some more fights and then thrust into the big leagues

the most correct thread of all time in the underground!you guys are all right in everything u say,ttt for ufc england!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DANA MAKE IT HAPPEN




weir is fighting jorge rivera in some event in london i think

i think rivera will kill weir

Get Leee Hasdell on the card.He is an exciting fighter.