UFC needs more top talent, less marketing

...especially at 185, 205 and HW.

at MW: you have Silva who is like 37, Sonnen who has a pretty spotty record, Bisping who has been around for a long time, but many, if not all of these guys are OVER 30.

at LHW: you have Jones, Machida, Shogun (who has been in so many battles already), Rashad, Hendo..except Jones, almost all of the really good ones are OVER 30.

at HW: the situation is disastrous. Lesnar, the biggest draw retired. Overeem who was supposed to replace him draw-wise, now is unlikely to be seen as a long-term addition. Cain and JDS are good, but not dominating by any means. Mir has been around for ages and now fighting for title (previously, got destroyed by Lesnar who retired). Again, most of these dudes are OVER 30. The division just lacks depth. The UFC has also not signed for various reasons other over 30 fighters such as Fedor and Barnett.

Now that the UFC is more visible the problem is more obvious: there are very few countries that contribute fighters consistently to the UFC, mostly USA and Brazil, and occasionally UK (all 3 are where the money market is). That is all good, but when you put it on a global scale its really nothing.

Really, so far the UFC is basically a small local promotion, kind of ADCC. It does not have global traction, despite all the marketing.
How to fix that ?

The solution seems to establish serious MMA programs in the countries with top Olympic combat sports program, and try to recruit really young athletes (under age 22-23).

In particular, take wrestling. This year at the Olympics it won't be USA, UK or Brazil dominating. It will again be the beasts from Russia and the former USSR republics.

Its really time for the UFC to think systematically how to get the top world class athletes, and then worry how to build them. Another positive is that if they get athletes that are younger, they can get a better return on investment from them.

ya, they should just buy Pride or something