UFC needs to have something...

between their pay per views. If they could put on a show at a local gym (something that wont cost so much)with up and comers and charge like 10 bucks for the show on PPV that would be awesome. Something to pass the time a little faster. As it stands right now the 2 month layoffs seem to take forever. Obviosuly putting on a big showcase every month may not be cost effective but if they can hit small auditoriums or other small venues, and not spend so much for production to get in on PPV they may get more viewers willing to try it out and pay 10 doallars. Maybe have one name fighter on each show to generate some excitement.

They should have dirt cheap .5 shows. Cheap to put on, fewer rounds per bout, but more fights per card. Put a bunch of up-and-comers in it with someone like Liddell, Franca, Verissimo, Diaz, or Cabbage headlining.

UFC should run at least 16 shows per year, 8 live ppv(4 US, 4 internationals)8 taped shows, the best fights of which go to create 4 cheaper ppvs.

Shit you could franchise out the UFC to a guy in each state and have shows run every week with local talent(make money on the gate and possibly local TV), it'd be a great way to see new up and comers, then you could put the best stuff on sell through video/DVD or PPV specials(UFC fresh meat, new blood or something similar), you could even run AMA prelims on the local cards with old school pancrase rules, it should be run like the old prowrestling territories were in the early 80's.

If I only had the money to buy the damm thing, I'd have it huge in 18 months.