UFC needs to send Tanner to Pride!

Pride is having their ww gp in June. Tanner is not likely to get another title shot while Franklin is champ and Tanner is arguably top 3 in the UFC mw division. UFC should send him over to fight in the ww gp, I bet he'd do well.

Now that is a good idea.

Baroni would khtfo


" Baroni would khtfo"

not much evidence supporting that...

not sure tanner would be allowed to fight many in pride at that weight due to now being a member of chute box,i believe they dont fight each other?

Anyways Tanner is a bad man and will do well anywhere he goes.

Elbows arent allowed in Pride If I remmebr correctly, and that is the main part of his game

ttt for Tanner going to GP

Evan has warrior spirit.

"Tanner would fare poorly in PRIDE.'

I dunno, kneeing to the head of an opponent is allowed and Tanner has some wicked knees...

Good idea, Tanner would do well. But I don't think the UFC will be doing anymore of that.

I support this idea.

Great Idea.


Phil B

Just wanted to give props for the idea, Tanner in Pride would be a great idea. He would also be an excellent representative of the UFC. As a person who has always seen tons of potential in Tanner i'm really curious to see the results of his work with Chute Boxe USA.

Tanner against Baroni? Tanner wins in the 1st with Stomps. :)

LOL @ ppl thinking Tanner wouldnt adapt well to Pride rules.


I guarantee Evan Tanner has stomped, and kneed, a few heads in his day.

Awesome idea

I would love to see Baroni and Tanner get it on in the PRIDE ring.

Baroni and Tanner have both improved a lot since their last meetings.

I love the idea of him going to PRIDE and obviously so does Phil.

That is a fight that would be full of fireworks.

LOL, you're all over the shop tonight John.

"Phil you should push PRIDE to bring in Tanner for a rematch, at least you know Yuji Shimada won't stop the fight for a cut check while Tanner's doing the fish dance."

John, since you have Pride tunnelvision you might not be aware of this, but they had a rematch after that fight, and in 15 minutes Phil landed about two punches and got beat from pillar to post. And yes, Tanner passed his guard.

Evan also submitted Pride fighter Minowa.

LOL ... 1st thing I thought when I read that was Baroni would LOVE that ! Phil call me bro

LOL.... Tanner is in a different league than PhiL!

Tanner can utilize more weapons in Pride than Phi can

sounds tyte. i would luv to see another baroni and tanner match. i gotta say ive begun to give more respect to baroni lately.