UFC needs zero tolerance on PEDs.this isnt a"game"

this isnt baseball where you are hitting or throwing a ball. it is complete bullshit for fighter "A" to have to fight fighter "B" if he is on steroids. its unfair,dangerous and disgusting. i dont feel sorry for nate or chael. fuck 'em

Yep, a zero tolerance approach needs to be taken. If you can't win fair and square then GTFO of the sport.

It's really sad guys cheat with PED's in combat sports. The stakes are too high for fighters to miss fights. Going months and months without fighting is bad for them. Fighters can't afford to miss a paycheck. This is what happens when the UFC owns all the fighters and won't allow them to fight in other org's.

Sad situation...

It is a game. Kid of a cross between snuggling and patty-cake.

Let them roid freely like they did in Pride. Nobody will be seriously hurt, and the fights will be far more exciting.

I honestly have no problems with PED's in MMA.

tons of fighters do them, they just don't get caught.

Fucking cheaters.
Let them use it if they want but make them disclose it so everybody knows that they're a bitch.

Haha you guys are so gay.... If you dont have great technique steroids don't do shit and can even hurt your cardio, it really doesn't matter, some people just have better genes an are predisposed to being more athletic and some guys need to juice to be competitive in there own mind.... This board is so dumb as fuck about peds icant believe it Phone Post

 I don't have a problem with PED's either but without a strongly enforced policy against it, guys who don't want to take them will be forced to just to compete.

Fuck the cheaters. This isn't a game, anytime you get in the cage, you put yourself at risk. You can get hurt very bad in there. How is it in any way fair for the non PED users that they have to face guys that are on them? What happens if they get killed in there because someone was using? Is that what it's going to take for people to start making this a bigger issue?

Don't give me that I have a family to feed and have to fight through injuries BS. You think it's ok for someone to rob a bank just because they have a family to feed? You're giving yourself an unfair advantage and putting your opponent at risk who has agreed to a fair fight with no PED's.

Why not just compete cleanly? Is it too much to ask? If you need chemical assistance to hang in this sport then you don't belong.