UFC = no clear road to the title

 From Sports illustrated. Highlights:

"The organization announced yesterday that Evans and fellow former champ Quinton "Rampage" Jackson would face one another in December after a stint as opposing coaches on Spike TV's The Ultimate Fighter reality series. That means Jackson, the consensus No. 1 contender in the division, won't get a crack at the champ for at least another nine months or so."

"That essentially leaves Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, who seems like the favorite to get the shot at the moment, though the potential matchup wouldn't make much sense.

Regardless of what he did in Pride, the fact is Rua hasn't beaten a fighter who was coming off a win since 2006. That doesn't mean he's washed up. He could easily pull it together and become the Muay Thai buzzsaw that he once was, but you don't get a title shot based on what you did a few years ago. At least, you shouldn't."


"The UFC is taking the fifth-ranked light heavyweight and making him the top contender for one reason only: it's convenient. It allows the promotion to hype Evans and Jackson while injecting some life into its reality series. And it also gives the UFC an excuse to keep Machida busy."

"But it's still bizarre to see the UFC deciding title fights based on little more than who's available. It's like a political party choosing their presidential candidate based on who doesn't have anything planned for the next four years. It makes you wonder, if Rua had been booked or injured, would they have just continued down the line until they found a warm, 205-pound body to toss in against the champ? If you can make a case for Rua based on his victory over a Liddell, who was 1-3 in his previous four fights, could you make one for Keith Jardine or Luiz Cane?"


It would be nice if there was some identifiable path to a title shot. Instead the UFC is starting to look more like boxing, where the guy who gets to fight for the belt is the guy the promoter thinks he can sell.


They should have pressed the issue with Rampage. Fuck this stupid manufactured Rashad drama.

Yes it's true that UFC doesn't have rankings within its roster and therefore it's harder to follow who is the next contender for the belt..... but as far as the situation with LHW right not goes, Sports Illustrated picked a bad example as LHW did have some order in terms of the next couple title contentions.

Basically RC Gogo explained it.

Tomato Can - They should have pressed the issue with Rampage. Fuck this stupid manufactured Rashad drama.

This is absolutely correct. I fucking hate it when UFC decides to put the title (which is/should be the ultimate goal for fighters) on the shelf just to push their TUF reality series.

So, the idea is that the UFC offered Rampage a title shot, Rampage turned it down, and Dana shouted "What am I to DO???" and the best option he had was the 5th ranked contender, therefore there is no problem.

I follow, but it makes no sense.

Jackson should have to fight Rua...winner gets title shot loser gets Rashad...I love how the UFC 'owns' fighters and then lets them negotiate to be a tv star over being the main contender for the belt...I hope Rashad destroys Quinton.

"Hi Rampage, it's Dana."

"What's up Dana?"

"As you know, Lyoto won his fight with Rashad. You've had a bit of a bumpy ride in the last 2 years to say the least. We're behind you, as we always have been, and you're still the #1 contender in my eyes. We want you in there for a chance to get your title back."



"I said, NO."

"Ok. Well, I guess we'll see you on TUF. Thanks for your time Rampage!"

I'm curious as to whether Rampage actually turned down the fight with Lyoto, or if Dana gave him better terms for doing the TUF stint. It just seems odd to turn down a title fight so that you can participate in a show that you hated and vowed never to participate in again.

I have a feeling that if Forrest manages to beat Anderson, we'll see Forrest/Machida before the end of the year. That may be why they're holding off on making any official announcements on Machida's next fight.

the need to organize this clusterfuck and give it some structure if they ever want to create the illusion of a sport.

"Machida/Shogun is a great matchup."

Not particularly. Machida will clown him horribly. Rampage would be a much more competitive matchup.