UFC=No Loyalty

Once again we see how the UFC is not looking to make this sport grow they are looking to make themselves grow. I was very close to all the people in the UFC for the first 3 years that Zuffa purchased it, and thought they were going to do some great things not only for the sport but for there fighters. Then I started noticing how they really dont give a fuck about anyone but themselves. There on a power trip! Without great fighters they are just another fight organization! They say screw you to some of the best champions this sport has ever seen. Jens Pulver, see ya, Murillo Bustamante, see ya, BJ Penn, See ya and now they treat Tito Ortiz like he never did anything for them. I know Tito did everything they asked him to do for them and more, not because he had to but because he thought Dana, Lorenzo and Frank were friends. Tito introduced these guys to the UFC and was a big part of the reason they bought the UFC.. So this is the way they say thanks, by Black balling Tito from the UFC, not only fighting in it but even showing up! Tito's next move is gonna shock the mma community and make the UFC look stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi tito

What would Tito be without the UFC? Nothing
What would the UFC be without Tito? Still the UFC

Tito's gonna bust a move?

BCM, You seem upset?

ufc would be cool to tito if he wasnt asking for waaaay too much $

Tito rocks to the oldies.

"Tito's gonna bust a move? "

He won't just stand there.

whatever. the UFC is plenty loyal to people who are loyal to them. you didn't see them trying to stop Chuck from going to Pride, or dropping him when he lost 2 of 3 fights, for instance

Well they did let Tito hand pick all of his opponents until they made him fight randy...

if your gonna claim inside knowledge, like being "close" to ufc principles, you need to identify yourself to have any credibility.

The UFC, much like the WWE, promotes the show, not the fighters, as is the case with boxing.

While WWE and boxing take different approaches to their marketing strategies, both are very profitable. Your average MMA fan just wants to see fights and could give a rat's ass who is fighting, and that's what pays the bills.

Once the UFC becomes more mainstream and popular, I think you'll be seeing a bit more loyalty to its fighters. Without the money however, they can't get there, so what they're doing makes sense from a business perspective.

Just my 2 pennies.


You're talking about the guy who at the sport's peak (UFC 40) talked about not wanting to fight Chuck - and perhaps going to Japan if the money was right. That diminished what was (to date) the greatest day in the UFC's history.

He then repeatedly strongarmed the UFC by picking opponents and demanding a pay raise.

So Tito has NOT been AT ALL loyal - and has at times undermined the UFC. He's only getting a taste of his own medicine.

That's the stupidest thiing ever.

Tito has no contract. Tito is in the middle of contract negotiations. Tito was put further back than usual in his still free seat, because they can't have him on tv and they cant put him in the octagon again because he cannot be on t.v.

WHY put someone you are trying to negotiate with on TV and make him more popular or give him a chance to speak on TV and give him the edge in negotiations.

BJ Penn has cornered Charuto after his fallout with them, you never heard him mentioned on tv or see him walking down or in the corner did you? Frank Shamrock has cornered Mike Kyle and other AKA fighters in the last few UFC's, you never hear him talked about or seen on T.V.

When Chuck won the title, did he ever even mention a rematch with Tito or did Rogan ever bring it up? No. No mention.

These are all fighters who are either speaking bad about the UFC or in Negotiation with the UFC. It's standard business practice to not let that person get free TV time to promote themselves.

The fool isn't blackballed from the UFC, he's just isnt getting free promotion time. Work the contract out, don't ask for more money than your two biggest draws get combined and hen he'll be back on tv again.

Good post by FearMir.

Nothing more to see here. FearMir has covered it all.

"Tito's next move is gonna shock the mma community and make the UFC look stupid!!!"

Sooner or later Tito will realize he made a mistake and he will attempt to patch things up with them so he can get a payday.May not happen soon--but I predict it will happen.

I dont agree with a lot of things ZUffa does-- but there is no denying they are calling the shots and are the only game in town when it comes to NHB in the US.Sure there are other shows but none paying their top people what UFC pays.

Tito may be able to fight in Japan-but he will make less money and be fighting on short notice etc.

Like I said-- as time passeshe will realize that his best option is to apologize and blame this snafu on a manager or something...

well the WWE NEVER lets personal issues get in the way of both parties making money.

The UFC is known for doing that.

Rich Franklin was on the blacklist for a while, so was Josh Thompson.

Some guys know how to work around the personal feelings and some dont.

Thompson case was the worst, Dana White publicly bashed him.

I have no idea how he got back in their good graces, I even created a thread about it asking how he did it with a bunch of "no comments" on it from the people in the know.

Really SD Jones??? Then why was Matt Hardy just released AND still undr a no compete. Brock can't fight or wrestle. Chyna is on the verge of suicide after she demanded a pay raise and the WWF said fuck you. Sable was blacklisted for about 5 years. The King was gone for a year after he got mad that they released his then girlfriend. Hogan got let go 2 years ago in the middle of his masked american angle because he wanted to change his contract in the middle. Stone Cold was even taken off TV for a long while after wanting a pay raise that the WWE wouldn't give them. Oh yeah and the whole Bret Hart issue.

Yeah..the WWE NEVER lets personal issues get in the way..that's the most BS thing I have ever heard..

"Then why was Matt Hardy just released AND still undr a no compete. Brock can't fight or wrestle"


The above examples have nothing to do with being loyal.Hardy SIGNED a contract that was very clear on what happens if you are released.

As much as I would like to see Brock Lesnar fight-- he recieved a lump sum payment from them (and for a load of cash!) and in turn SIGNED a paper that said he couldnt fight or wrestle.

It isnt a matter of being loyal or letting personal issues effect things.These guys are expected to honor the deals they sign.

Zuffa honors what they sign.