UFC offers to pay Mike Dolce to get Cyborg to 135

With Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche paving the way for women in the UFC, the race is on to get Cris "Cyborg" Santos in shape to make 135, so a future superfight can be made between her and Rousey. Buzz around the topic has been swirling, and just last week, the verdict, according to former light heavyweight champion, Tito Ortiz, was that Cyborg could not safely make the cut to 135. The UFC feels otherwise, specifically, Dana White. In a recent article, posted by Tatame, Dana White is quoted as having said that the UFC is willing to pay for nutrition guru, Mike Dolce's services to get Santos down to Bantamweight.



In for results! Phone Post

UFC employer of the year. Bailouts, Bentleys, and now this Phone Post

Othello - Idk.... does it feel like the UFC is crossing some kind of line with this?? Hypothetically speaking, what if getting to 135 really is an issue for Cyborg and turns out to be detrimental to her long term health. Just seems to me that Zuffa should stick to promoting and not trying to force people into weight classes. Either she makes it on her own or release her to fight someplace else.

"detrimental to her long term health"

she can lose the weight the right way, slowly and mike dolce can get her there healthy. she will lose some strength but everything else will improve. speed, endurance, ect...