UFC on ESPN 12 odds

UFC on ESPN 12, also known as UFC on ESPN: Poirier vs. Hooker will be held on Saturday, June 27 at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada.

These are The Odds, courtesy of Joey Oddessa. Follow the Father of MMA Odds on Twitter.

DAN HOOKER    +175    
DUSTIN POIRIER    -235    

GIAN VILLANTE    +187    
MAURICE GREENE    -247    

 TANNER BOSER    -115    
PHILIPE LINS    -115    

MICKEY GALL    +235    
MIKE PERRY    -335    

KHAMA WORTHY    +192    
LUIS PENA    -252    

KYLE DAUKAUS    +217    
BRENDAN ALLEN    -297    

YOUSSEF ZALAL    -135    
JORDAN GRIFFIN    +105    

JINH YU FREY    +147    
KAY HANSEN    -177  

JULIAN EROSA    +367    

How Odds Work

Unlike a spread on an NFL game where one team is ahead by a certain number of points (ex. Saints +7), in MMA fights, the line on the game is called a moneyline. These are the +/- used on UFC broadcasts. The figure is how much money you have to bet in order to win $100 (-), and how much a $100 bet will earn (+). They are perhaps best explained via an example:

DAN HOOKER    +175    

In this fight, Poirier is the -235 favorite, meaning if you bet $235 on him and he wins, you would profit $100. If he were to lose though, you would lose the full $235.

If you were to bet on Hooker at +177 if you bet $100 on him and he wins the fight, you will profit $175. If he were to lose the fight, you would lose your original $100 bet.

Depending on how people are betting on the fights, the odds can shift from the moment they open, right up until the night of the fights.

The sport is built on moments that make you involuntary think "HOLY F***ING S***!!!" Those can come at any time, on any portion of the card, from any fighter. Thus, some bettors look to the underdogs, sometimes big ones, as the best bets.

And they say never bet until the weigh-ins.

Perry by KO at -170 isn't bad

Kay Hansen is marketable being 20 years old and cute, she is fighting Frey who is 105lb gril who is very good but I think fight being last minute and her not being able to add mass will make it an easy decision win for Kay so -172 isn't bad there.

Greene with a new camp at -210 isn't bad and I dont see Gian hurting him and eventually Greens lands, likely Decision win but he could get a KO at -110

Dustin via finish Is -115 Isnt bad either, I dont think Hooker is at that level but maybe I am wrong.


can't see Hooker winning. Dustin's striking is way to crisp, and Hooker probably isn't going to get him to the ground. 

Sean Woodsen future champ 

I'm torn on kay Hansen vs Jinh yu frey..


Frey looks in better shape but the elder...hansen very young.....don't know much of there two ladies