UFC on ESPN 12 results & discussion

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Another shit card

It’s not a PPV, and Covid prevents a lot of foreign fighters from flying in to compete.

It was a PPV, I’d never buy it. But we have to give UFC some leeway here with the circumstances and the fact it’s free.

it is not FREE!

Its on ESPN. 

and you have to sign up for $4.99 per month to view.

I wish it was free. No way I am handing over credit card # for recurring charges of $4.99 per month for years.

it's on regular ESPN not just ESPN+

show time!

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it's on regular ESPN not just ESPN+

I use Firefly. They require $4.99 if you don’t use Amazon.

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Going with Griffin in this one for the sole reason of that I can remember have seeing him fight before.

Good main event 

10-9 Griffin round 1

10-9 griffin


2-0 griffin

10-9 Griffin round 2

20-18 through 2.

This is like watching two heavyweights fight in elevation, except they aren’t heavyweights, and there’s no thrill of a possible knock out :(

29-28 Zalal.

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29-28 griffin. Zalal showed inexperience. Kept engaging in grapples and ending up on his back. 

That was a bad decision 

Now with Lauren in the mix, Joe B's girlfriend is really fucking annoying.

They both looked like amateurs even though they've had over a couple dozen fights between them.  Lot of heart and toughness but gotta work on those skills. 


That was a bad decision 

I thought Jordan won on those two takedowns in the second, but zalal hurt him back with that liver shot and got off on a few combos. Jordan didn't do any damage on the ground. Really close round. Third was clearly zalal. I had it for Jordan, but it wasn't a bad decision. 

going with Hansen in this one.

Hansen looking a little thick