UFC on ESPN 23 results & discussion

Why would you even say that bro? Please don’t even start that stuff, you can’t just tell everyone a guy is paralyzed. I realize you corrected yourself but dang.

Damn you know it’s bad when a guy hasn’t posted in four years feels the need to set you straight.



Superman :wheelchair:

I like how asparagus makes my pee smell funny

Finally say the epic madness- holy fuck can the czech viking bang!
I don’t even agree that a Trevor Wittman could do a lot: This man is all offense and he has the power, maneuverability and reach to do so. Reyes already did something very smart against such a style by shelling up and countering hard from there. To no avail…
Good luck finding a sparring partner to emulate such a creature.

That’s true - but I say Trevor because he has a knack for taking kill-or-die style fighters and training them to control their chaos. The difference here is that he’s at 205 where the combination of skills he possesses are undoubtedly rare.

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