UFC on ESPN 36 official discussion thread

War serbia

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Rakic only has one defeat

Left titty gyno for Rakic

Rakic going to land that right

Weird spot for a cut


I have to wonder if Cutelaba passes Chael’s “eye test.”


I still can’t get over “results on the front page”


The miracle of slo-mo.

Blew his shit up

Cruz getting choked up talking about knee injuries


That sucks for Rakich

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“It happens all the time in practice!!”

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Lol Bisping

Wtf is up with the polish supporters, they don’t sound polish

Fuck im the man, eh smiley haha. I just fucked your ass mate. If it wasnt for the ribas robbery, i would have nailed my parlay. o well. no matter. Got 2/3 of my bets correct, all underdogs so ill make sizable coin. may even buy u a new buttplug smiley to keep ur ass ready for when i gotta fuck it next haha good night.

Youre welcome.

Im the man.

Im sure I just fucked your monkey ass.

Thats why we bet on Jan ladies and gentlemen.

Lol…exactly how you envisioned it im sure

Another great display by the 3 Wmma Fights on this card

3 fights 3 decisions

While the men put on spectacular performance

Example of a dogshit record on this wmma card


Did not watch the ribas Choo Choo fight

Did these bitches really deserve 50G’s