UFC on FOX 22 results & discussion (3:30 PM ET)

Alieve by BLANKET victory. Guy didn't do shit on top..lol takedown and sit there while the other guy kept going for subs from bottom. 

Sandoval whooping that ass so far. I thought the Colombian would own the wrestling.

Two boring fights so far.

Lmao.. Serrano with the huge kick and a-miss to end the the round. Put so much into that kick he swept himself

Sandoval 2-0

Brabatross -

Two boring fights so far.

Nah.. this second fight has action. These guys are throwing bombs at each other and just missing on some heavy shots.. 

Amazing fight! These guys came to bang..lol 

29-28 Sandoval.

This ref looks like a character out of World of Warcraft or some shit.. wtf is this guy?

Not really sure how two judges gave Sandoval the 3rd round. He did close to nothing.

Jouban\perry should be fireworks

Hoping Mizugaki pulls it off.

Kimbo K -

Jouban\perry should be fireworks

Yup, can't see that going to a decision.

WTF... This ref is garbage. First he lets Aliev blanket all night and now this. Guy has no clue what he's doing.

Mizugaki is damaged goods.. his chin is cooked

Not even on here, bullshit

let's get this show on the road!

MountainMedic - Not even on here, bullshit

Check FS1 now MM. First couple fights were in Fightpass

If you don't have FS1, check Fox Deportes the Spanish channel

KnockoutThoughts -

Mizugaki is damaged goods.. his chin is cooked

Probably his last chance in the UFC

Rizin bound I would think