UFC on FOX 5 weigh ins Fri 7 pm ET (4 pm PT)

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                                 UFC on FOX 5 weigh ins Fri 7 pm ET (4 pm PT)

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                    <p>UFC on FOX 5 is the best UFC&nbsp;card on FOX to date, and is one of the best cards of the year. And it is free.</p>

You can watch the weigh ins live from Seattle’s KeyArena on the UnderGround starting at 4:00 p.m. local time (7:00 p.m. ET).

Rory MacDonald vs B.J. Penn (Lightweight Title Fight)
Ben Henderson vs Nate Diaz
Alexander Gustafsson vs Mauricio Rua
Ramsey Nijem vs Joe Proctor
Matt Brown vs Mike Swick
Tim Means vs Abel Trujillo
Daron Cruickshank vs Henry Martinez
John Albert vs Scott Jorgensen
Nam Phan vs Dennis Siver
Raphael Assuncao vs Mike Easton
Yves Edwards vs Jeremy Stephens




Why is  bj vs. rory labeled as the title ?

How in the typo did Rory's big ass make 155 1bs? Damn that Mike Dolce is somethin else!!!

Can anyone provide a link to the Youtube Stream of the weigh in? Can't find it...

Yea UG Blog posts have had a lot of typos lately. Need to edit that shit before postin'.
Like when they misspelt GSP as GPS... Phone Post

In how long is this? Phone Post

3 more hours

BJ back at 155! Phone Post




I'm already outside Key Arena waiting to get in with the UG group. Just missed free signed Bendo gloves. Some hot chick just smoked out next to me at the will call booth and told me i have a cute ringtone. Good day so far. Phone Post

Maybe next time most of you could shower. How are so many fat unclean and obviously undisciplined in their personal life people fans of a sport requiring all that

^ no way! Phone Post

I am so ready for BJ to weigh in tonight!!!

UGCTT_mofit - 

Why is  bj vs. rory labeled as the title ?

dana offered rory a title shot if he chopped off his right arm and he obliged...



the hell is Rory wearing? You're in fucking doors

Awww shit! Who shoves who? Phone Post

who got cut in the head?

Are they really gonna keep Jorgensen on the Facebook card and keep that replacement fight on the FX card?

DId Jorgensen get his skin repaired?