UFC on Fox 9 Main is Pettis vs Thompson

http://www.ufc.com/news/anthony-pettis-josh-thomson-fox-9-main-event Phone Post

Mods.... my stupid phone auto corrected the title could you take the p out of Thomson Phone Post

Not sure how or why Thomson gets a title shot. I hope Pettis crushes him. A few body kicks will do the job.

Great fight. I don't really know where Thomson is ranking wise though, but I love seeing him fight. Phone Post

He got robbed by the judge's in the last Strikeforce fight. In my eyes he came over as the champ, and is more than deserving of a shot. Phone Post

I'd watch that!! Phone Post 3.0

What happened to grant Phone Post 3.0

Grant wont be ready he said. From concussion Phone Post 3.0

Would've rather have seen Pettis/Aldo.