UFC on FOX Blog 4: Before/After Fight

Kinda long, but we thought everything was worth showing.

how could anyoe not like this guy?

Awesome Joe, thanks for posting that.

I take it this means you didn't find the domino's guy

Hi Phone Post

Nate Diaz ! Next champ? How do you think he pairs with Edgar or benson?

Thanks joe ... Great fight

Lorm Phone Post

Haha - what a bizarre and great sport. Lauzon and Varner just chatting casually about how they are going to destroy each other. Just another day in the office...

Thanks, Joe!

Great vid....thanks Phone Post

Good stuff man, thanks as always!

The longer the better.

Yeah that's what she said i know.

Great vid joe ! thanks !

Killer video, and great fight last Saturday... Always been a fan and always will!

Congrats on the Bonus! Phone Post


TTT for later.

Great fight joe - you had me screaming at the TV :-)


"Ohhh... Ooo!"

Joe - do you know her name?


Awesome job last Sat Joe! Congrats and keep the wins rollin in

Willin_But_Not_Chaeble - THE GIRL IN THE WHITE DRESS! Around 15:45!!!

"Ohhh... Ooo!"

Joe - do you know her name?


Yes. I won't blow up her spot... 

Stu P Dasso -  Awesome to see you practicing that same sweep right before the fights, just like when you hit Melvin with the same combo you were working on the mits! Phone Post

 It's amazing how things you practice can be done in fights! 

Sub because I'm away Phone Post

Joe, did anything change in your cardio training? Not to be too critical but you go so hard early in your fights that in the past you tended to fade. You looked strong as hell in the 3rd round in a fight with a ridiculous pace against Varner.

Awesome fight, thanks for the entertainment and congratulaions on a huge win!

Fred Ettish the Alternate -  Awesome Joe!

On ya matey.

Great fight, great video.

Please do this often, we all appreciate it. Phone Post
We have done it for the last few fights... I think we have 4 trips worth of blogs already.  You can find most of them here: https://www.facebook.com/joelauzon/videos


Awesome video and epic fight. Thanks Joe.