UFC On Fox Locations

We've had 7 UFC On Fox and 1 more planned for this summer so far

2 of them have taken place Chicago
2 of them about to be taken place in Seattle
2 of them in the LA area Anaheim/Los Angeles
1 in San Jose Calif
1 in East Rutherford NJ

Wonder if all future cards will be featured in just big cities or will they move smaller cities markets likes Sacramento,San Diego,Columbus,Phoenix,Memphis,Cleveland,St. Louis, etc Phone Post 3.0

Went to both Chicago events!!!

I think they will stay in bigger markets so they can take advantage of the Fox marketing. That's one of the main reasons they came to Chicago in the freezing cold. Word is next year one here in Chicago in the summer months. Phone Post

It's great for us folks in the bigger cities I live in San Jose went to the UFC on Fox 7 and cox have drive to the 2 UFC on fox cards and flown to the Seattle cards. Phone Post 3.0