UFC on Fox: Success or Utter Failure?

Speak on it: was this really as bad a failure as everyone is saying, or did the UFC pick up some new fans?

of course it was a success.

people make it sound like this w2a a make or break thing. This wasn't even part of their contract. it was an afterthought after they'd already siged the deal.

The contract was to start in January

It was a success in the grand scheme of things. It didn't go as everyone hoped but the hype train has begun. Phone Post

7 year deal is a success

Epic Fail Phone Post

Success, but could have been better (or worse).

Of course it was a success.

It delivered an exciting fight to millions of people and the production was great.

People always try to shit on everything...

FANTASTIC NIGHT for MMA in general! Phone Post

success, people are just bitching because they only showed 1 fight (it was fox's idea to show 1 fight, not the UFC's).

Wasn't the first Ultimate Fight Night on Spike Marquardt vs. Salaverry? If the UFC survived that something tells me it will be alright after this. Phone Post

Friends who are new to the UFC watched. They were pissed at the long boring intro followed by one short fight. They liked my old Rio Heroes disk better than main event.

William Colosimo - production was great.

while I dont mind a 64 second fight, many new viewers will not be impressed with that short a fight and feel short changed

Short changed for a free heavyweight title fight?

and again, this was NOT a scheduled card. it was intentionally done with one fight as an afterthought that was not part of the contract. they figured they'd pull a good audience because the manny fans are already going to be in front of a tv. Dana explained all this just before the event.

people assumed it was a full fight card.

People that say fail are fitch, GSP, guida fans. A first round KO does not turn people away morons. Phone Post

All things considered, the next 7 years will have much more impact on MMA's future than tonight's main event. Phone Post

Read Dana's body language to answer this question.

Rival School -  A first round KO does not turn people away morons. <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Agreed. It's humorous, that in a world of short attention spans that this is being spun as a bad thing.

Fox wont be complaining, thats for sure.

I don't understand why anybody would say it was a failure?

Everything that was CONTROLLABLE was done great. Production was very well done and professional.

Yes, the fight was short, but do you people realize that fights can't be planned? THIS IS NOT PRO WRESTLING WITH SCRIPTED FIGHTS.

No one knows what's going to happen in a fight, and that's what is so great about this sport.

Yes it ended abruptly, but they delivered what they advertised. And if anyone is turned away from MMA after seeing someone get their block knocked off, then they are probably a lost cause as a fan anyway. Everyone knows how this sport goes and that getting caught is a danger that comes with the territory. That is why this stuff is so exciting. Most casual fans are looking for the quick fix rd 1 knockout anyway. It is the more educated fans that are disappointed, because they have evolved to a deeper understanding..and crave more. Props to UFC for making it happen regardless.

 BIG success.