UFC on FX 1: Wheres the Smart Money?

kamal shalorus at -120 is a steal. easy wrestling/gnp based decision.

bang ludwig at +110 is another steal. Better striking then neer and good enough takedown defense to keep it on the feet. Expect bang to ko neer or win decision.

Melvin guillard at +160 is another great option. Melvin has better striking, hes faster, hits harder and the wrestling to keep this fight on the feet. Expect melvin to outstrike jim to a decision much like jims fight with gray maynard.

parlay ludwig,shalorus and guillard for a risk $100 to get $901.

another parlay might be ludwig,shalorus,guillard,shafer,pineda,barry for a risk $10 to get $431.

you guys got about 31 minutes before lines close, get that paper!

Melvin will gas after Miller makes him work in the 1st and will get submitted in the 2nd or third.

I got a parlay on;

Melvin to win via finish in 1st Round
Neer by Decision
Barry by TKO

50/1 Odds!

where are they allowing you to parlay prop bets?

also melvin never really gasses, he just gets cliped and does a u-turn from his game plans. Look at the joe daddy fight, joe drops him and guillard shoots and gets guilotined. he picks apart nate diaz for 2 rounds before getting clipped and shoots in and gets guilotined again. lauzon clipps him and chokes him out. I think rich clementi clipped him too before taking the back and choking him out. if melvin doesnt get clipped, jim is going to get lit up for a decision or tko loss.

I parlayed schafer, barry, easton, neer,miller Phone Post

Neil McCauley - where are they allowing you to parlay prop bets?

Skybet here in the UK Phone Post

Miller via sub
Neer via dec
Pat Berry via KO
Eastonv via tko

Easy money!!!

You got raped on that one Neil. I hope you didnt bet those numbers for real.