UFC on TV by Fall

According to Dana on MMA Weekly Radio.

Also, Dana stated this as if it was fact.


Awesome. Here starts the new golden era of the UFC!

UFC's on a weekly basis will be awesome for a nunber of reasons.

According the Wrestling Observer newsletter from last week the network (SpikeTV) is more interested in a reality-tv type show that follows 2 fighters training to fight each other at at UFC PPV. Dana and Zuffa want a more Tuesday night fights kind of show.

I wouldn't mind seeing that format but certainly only as a secondary program. Wrestling Observer is solid so I would believe this.

I wonder if this show is in production right now?

What is Spike TV thinking?

I can see Spike TV thinking that MMA might not fly. But this sounds like some dumb exec who has been told to work "reality TV" into every concept that crosses his desk.

I hope UFC doesn't agree to this reality TV thing unless they get to put a lot of other fights on also.

There's nothing wrong with a reality TV show. The MMA documentaries are basically the same thing, and those are entertaining. I just hope they show the fight footage.

I want to see a Tuesday night fights-type show, as well.

The UFC is going to have the a reality show because that's what Spike TV wants and they are paying for it.

Yeah it could work. I mean the UFC needs time to hype its fighters anyway. But we also need more fights.

did he mention of what year? Until i see it, i'll just assume he means by 2010.