UFC on Versus 5: Main event not Bendo/Miller??

 This card setup is straightup weird.  I get Hardy has a red mohawk.  I like Lytle, but seriously Miller and Henderson is a hell of a fight and actually has implications.  It seems like an infinitely better fight as the main event.  Also, Cerrone as a preliminary?  The UFC is obviously successful without my advice, but I just can't understand the reasoning behind the fight positions at all.  

Meh, who cares what order they are in as long as they happen. Win they put that red mowhawk on the front of the poster every britt automatically tunes in Phone Post

 Yeah, true, as long as they're on.  That said, I personally wouldn't take any chance of not having Cerrone on tv.  Somebody that exciting and finishes isn't a prelim act on a free tv card.  

Isn't this the first 5 round main event? Bendo vs Miller would be much better Phone Post

 Cerrone has dominated his two UFC fights and headlined or at least main carded all his WEC fights. Weird having him on prelims.