UFC owns ESPN front page

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                                UFC owns ESPN front page

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The UFC began on November 12, 1993, and at the Ultimate Fighter I Finale on April 9, 2005, it was here to stay. Is July 11, 2009, the day the takeover begins?

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Very clever choice of photo of Brock.

All your sport are belong to us

Is that Reggie in the beginning promo???!!!

Zedlepln - 

Very clever choice of photo of Brock.

 HAHAHA!!!!! I cannot wait to see that pic in the majority of the threads today

CKFighter - Yea ESPN is finally learning (even though its Brock who gets to be the face). Why couldn't the face be Franklin? Go ACE!

cre, you know that it's a bannable offense to have more than one screen name, right?

 Is CREam trolling ? Under a Douchename ?

Brock is jackin it, in that pic

It was on a giant banner on the youtube main page for a while too.

 Cre , one day I will throatfuck you !

Ensanity - Brock is jackin it, in that pic

"Doesn't Get Any Bigger Than This"


how subtle of espn

 ESPN knows who the real star of MMA is.  Brock Lesnar's reign will be a long and fruitful one for the UFC.