UFC picked Rampage

no way it's that simple....but at the same time I can't find a flaw in that logic.

Of course, above post is if they don't want a lawsuit as OP suggests.

I'm sure the UFC paid people a lot smarter than us to come up with this, they know exactly what they are doing..... It might be news to us but who knows how long they had this planned Phone Post 3.0

Stephen Holder -
MMAhaiku - ...to lose a court case to a competitor. Can't be a monopoly when you're lose contractual litigation to another promotion.

Genius move here. Phone Post 3.0

I totally misinterpreted the op and from the look of it so did most of the responses. You're basically saying the UFC signed Rampage knowing that they would get sued by Bellator and thereby making the point that they could never be a monopsony because contracts/courts are in place to prevent them? Interesting

Yes. I think the timing is really interesting, as are the statements by Rampage and Coker. If this goes before a judge or arbitration, its Exhibit A for the defense in the class action.

See? We can't be a monopoly because here we are in court with our competition, litigating a contract dispute. Phone Post 3.0