UFC planning 8 man tourney across 4 divisions

“The Road To The UFC” is currently the working title for these eight man tournaments. The tournaments will reportedly be held in 125, 135, 145 and 155lb divisions. Each tournament will take course over a three month period. Series being targeted for the week of UFC275 in Singapore. Per MMA reporter Aaron Bronsteter, John Hyon Ko


so one of each 8 gets in?

So basically TUF re-packaged? I thought this was gonna be a tournament with people already in the UFC, that would have been interesting…


Please no Womens MMA other then maybe the 115 division.


It’s about time that the UFC went this route.


A lot of UGers, myself included have talked about this structure for years. Combines the best of TUF (the tourny) and DWCS together and boom, there ya go.

I thought “legends” tournaments with free agent vets who want another crack at the UFC could be very popular as well. Basically like TUF 4 but with a DWCS “just fights” format after you ditch the reality TV shit that TUF had. Short promo vignettes on the fighters could remind viewers who they are and why they want back in the UFC.

Would be perfect for Fight Pass.


I also heard Sylvester Stallone is going to be teaming up with Sugar Ray Leonard and they’re going to be doing the boxing show called The Contender, they’re going to be doing something very similar with young and hungry boxers. I can’t wait!


That would make way too much sense, UFC rather have illogical title shots with the top 5 in any weight division refusing to fight for fear of losing their spot.

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Those weight divisions are too big. Can we find 40 dudes under a hundred pounds? Nobody likes seeing big guys fight. Can’t even stand average size men fighting eachother.

3 fights in 3 months might be a bit much, but sounds cool nonetheless. I guess it’s more possible since it’s happening in Asia and they can avoid athletic commissions and unnecessary medical suspensions.

Sounds inconsequential considering fighters will be aspirating to get into UFC as opposed to established fighters vying for the championship. A TUF facelift.

I loved Prides Grand Prix and Tournaments when they did them. I remember watching Josh Barnett and just feeling bad for him when he fought Nog and Cro Cop in the very same night at Final Conflict in 06. His face looked horrible after edging Nog fight then it just looked like potato salad after the Cro Cop fight.

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Good. Shitcan the reality show bullshit, have the events be focused on a certain division with the quarterfinals all being the same night so the fighters can be showcased elbow to elbow… Certainly have a rat tail for injury fillins.

I’ll believe it when it happens

Have times changed since I first became introduced to MMA.

In those days, no weight class below welterweight existed in the UFC.


I was bummed when they got rid of it. Stoked when they brought it back. I think anything lower is uninteresting to me. Other people like the smaller guys, but I’m not too interested in them.

MMA should be open to fighters of all sizes - all the way down to strawweight.

And that goes for super heavyweight as well - my man Sean McCorkle walked around at 320.

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