UFC pls sign jake shields

dude is 12-1-1 his last 14 fights.he just tko'd charuto,finished his last 4 fights(didnt get hit in those fights).he won the rumble on the rock ww tourney inlcuding current wec ww champ carlos condit,beat okami(ok maybe he should have lost that one) and former ufc mw champ menne,1-1 with kikuchi,beat mach sakurai(granted 5 yrs ago) and had a draw with misaki(he really won that fight imo).he should be fighting contenders in the ufc ww now.

Last thing we nee dis to add another WW. UFC should just have a sign saying " Don't come back until your at 185"

It's weird...

Clearly, it was a good stoppage vs Charuto, but...

Did a single punch land during the GNP with anything behind it?


He beat a UFC reject now he's the greatest thing since slice bread.

I thought Jake beat Okami. Okami was very passive in rounds 1&2 while
he did take rd3.